Saturday, October 20th
Start: Noon | Found: 5:28 pm
It started at NOON in front of Isaac Hunter's Tavern
As the puzzle was opened, the rain began. It's On!
Letters in Spyglasses | A Map | Wood Coin Prototype
The Letters & Numbers SPARKCON18 were on the small event map handouts & on the giant event maps throughout the sparkcon event at the "i" locations
Treasure Hunters were told to follow @originovel on Instagram and Twitter plus the hashtag #sparkconquest2018 in order to get other clues, hints, and updates while the hunt took place.
We revealed the main hunt board with its own SPARKCON18 letters, each corresponding with a time, SPARK, and a clue to be found at that location. Many of them were time-specific. The hurricane reschedule had us alter this quite a bit to accommodate the entire overall event's new schedule and the SPARKS taking place that day.
Here's the puzzling stuff.
Match the letter to the location on the map, go there at the posted time, be observant, put on your thinking caps and get on hunting for the coin medallion.
But, what does it look like? As an example, we provided a wooden replica the same size as the coin however, it was not the same color or material. We informed our brave hunters of this. That description would need to be earned by solving a clue. We couldn't have people simply go off searching high and low for a wooden coin without solving clues now could we? - Side note, we held a fundraiser in August for the overall sparkcon event in which everyone that donated a certain amount was shown a thinner version of the real coin.
In addition to the Spyglasses with Letters & Numbers, the map included blank Spyglasses. After the reschedule, we used most of these as static clue locations where we put out clues that stayed all day. As for the other plan for all these, we'll not reveal what we were originally going to do with them on the September date.
Two were not used. Next year, maybe?
First Clue: Spyglass (A) at 12:01 pm
Turns out this was one of the most  important clues
To solve it, you could throw everything at the letters and you might get it. Cipher junkies would have had it easy however, we used four other clues to help all treasure hunters along.
  1. static clue: at Info Tent on Blue Barrel was a spyglass with a rainbow sticker in it that had the word SONG on top of it. This referenced the song SING A RAINBOW tell you the order of the letters
  2. (Third Clue) Spyglass (A) was at a music stage with a performance from 1 pm to 2 pm by The 2nd Row. The lead singer said many Caesar quotes throughout the show directing them to treasure hunters. This indicated a Caesar Shift was in play somehow with this hunt
  3. Later in the day we posted a picture of a gear shifter with the number 3 highlighted denoting the amount of spaces to "shift" the letters
  4. In addition, we Tweeted a YouTube video of some awesome women singing the "RAINBOW" song /g5m3TLBmeuc
Can you figure it out? Spoiler further down the page.
Second Clue: Spyglass (1) was at 12:30 pm which featured a rained out Flashmob however, our actor was there with her awesome pup. She was sporting "knee-high" socks with Spyglasses on them and arrows pointing to the knee.

Below is a family team pondering what it is all about while looking at the treasure chest every so often.
There was a static clue located at designSPARK that was this picture below along with a spyglass (note: spyglasses where key. If they were on something, it had to do with the hunt)
Both this clue and the socks let the hunters know that what they were looking for was KNEE HIGH
Third Clue: Spyglass (S)
The 2nd Row band lead singer Matias said these quotes during their performance at the Capitol Stage
Caesar Quotes: I came, I saw, I conquered | Experience is the teacher of all things | The die is cast
As a rule, men worry more about what they can't see than about what they can
Fourth Clue: Spyglass (8)
Do to the event reschedule, we made Spyglass (8) at litSPARK (and Spyglass (N) at geekSPARK) swing-by anytime clues. Sort of interactive to get them but really static. If you got a poem done at litSPARK or just interacted with them, they would show you where it was located. You could also just look. It is pretty easy, we replaced the "O's" with spyglasses. You can figure it out. This narrowed the search area down to just about everywhere on the event footprint however, it gave people a sense of solving something AND it helped with a clue yet to come to really mark the search area.
There were pics posted at the hashtag throughout the day near the times of the other clues to nudge the hunters along in the right direction. a few pics here
Fifth Clue: Spyglass (N)
You could literally "swing by" Spyglass (N) at geekSPARK anytime. Newton's Cradle provided a really great clue, if you knew what to look for in it.
On the pendulum balls the letters
were place on both sides & a spyglass
If you read it backwards it says TAMA I which is the cafe adjacent to the coin medallion location across the street from the start.
Sixth Clue: Spyglass (0) was a real treat.
Six sets to be exact.
At this location, the Raleigh Rockers BBoy breakdancers were putting on a show.  Six of the dancers were wearing giant necklaces with sets of letters on them (when they weren't spinning of course). These letters, when arranged correctly, spelled out 
There was a static clue under the Y in the window of the YMCA with a QR code to a jigsaw puzzle website where a hunter could piece together what would be the image below, the actual coin medallion.
Seventh Clue: Spyglass (K)
This image was at a tent where a performance was suppose to take place originally. At this time in the hunt, it was simply a guard post for local police working the event. It made for a safe clue location. Can you see what it says? Start in the lower right corner. This clue, when used with Spyglass (8) gives hunters the boundaries of where the coin was located, significantly narrowing down the search area of which there are not many fences.
Clue Eighth: Spyglass (P)
A good clue for near the end. It was place under the Trophy sign at Trophy Tap & Table, near the door.
In front of Isaac Hunter's where the hunt started, there are a number of permanent grey and black marble chess boards. What we have is CHECK and the arrow points at an angle to where the coin is located if you go across to bear and look at knee level.
This art also included N S E W on the sides and the word START on the side near the spyglass to help treasure hunters in their orientation if used as a map
The other rendering was a image to go out via media
letting hunters know what to do after the find,
a pop-up static clue was done in a Rail Fence Cipher
Clue Nine: Spyglass (R)
What turned out to be the last clues needed were these two jokes that were placed on the Hargett Stage at knee level. Of course, they elude to the same thing that the first clue said when arranged thenshifted and indeed,  A FENCE IT IS ON
Our winners going for the coin medallion
TKO - It's over until next year!
Start getting ready for #sparkconquest2019
September 2019

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